Claim your invoices

​Claim your invoices quickly and easily​

​After receiving your claim, Avéro Achmea will determine whether you are entitled to be reimbursed. Most costs are claimed for and reimbursed directly through the care provider so that you do not have to do anything. Should you receive an invoice, please send it to us as soon as possible. 

Claim your expenses in 4 steps:

  1. Please pay the costs upfront and we will reimburse the costs to you. Check whether the invoice has been paid first before sending it to us. We would like to advise you to always make a copy of the invoice for your own administration.
  2. Please check whether the following details are stated on the invoice. If these details are not stated then please add them to the right hand corner of the invoice: 
    - Membership number of the person who had treatment. The membership number or ‘relatienummer’ can be found on your policy document or insurance card. 
    - Name, address and date of birth of person who received treatment.
    - Description and date of treatment and the name or code of the provided care.
  3. Choose how you wish to claim. Log in to Mijn Avéro to claim your costs or sent your bills to us by mail. Send the original bill(s) in a stamped envelope to the address mentioned below. Claims submitted online are processed more quickly.
    Avéro Achmea
    Afdeling Declaratieservice
    Postbus 59005
    1040 KA Amsterdam